2019 Winners

Councillors’ Clean Green Choice Award

WINNER: Greenbrook Association

The Greenbrook Association works in Grange Forest Park to regenerate native bushland. They seek to create a self-sustaining ecology of native plants and animals within the suburb that is as rich and diverse as possible.


  • Boomerang Bags Nundah
  • Carolyn Vincent

Litter Prevention Award – Individual 5-17yrs

WINNER: Ned Heaton

Ned is on a mission to reduce ocean plastics and plastic litter by selling and giving away bamboo toothbrushes, while educating people about plastic pollution. He founded his own company called The Turtle Tribe to help people to make the switch away from plastics.


  • Tennyson Collas-Ford
  • Meg Barnes

Litter Prevention Award – Individual 18+ yrs

WINNER: Sophie Rutter

Sophie is the driving force behind ‘UQ Unwrapped’ which reduces single use plastic on the University of Queensland’s campuses. Sophie has been focused on both community and stakeholder engagement to achieve successful implementation of their initiatives.


  • Morag Shealy
  • Pablo Riveros

Litter Prevention Award – Group

WINNER #1: Calamvale Community College P&C Association

Calamvale Community College combined community and student engagement and local business connections to develop a new recycling scheme. They established a bulk retrieval and collection service for recycled products which has realised approximately 60,000 returns.

WINNER #2: Tangalooma EcoMarines

Tangalooma EcoMarines run litter clean-ups throughout the year for 36 Brisbane schools, as well as corporates and at Clean Up Australia Day. They are reducing the amount of plastics and debris that are polluting our land, waterways and Moreton Bay affecting marine and wild life.


  • Oxley Creek Catchment Association

Cleanaway Waste Innovation Award

WINNER: Renae McBrien

Renae significantly reduced waste heading to landfill across 16 health care facilities by removing over 1 million plastic units per year. She has designed and delivered community gardens, and impacted recycling segregation and sustainable staff education on a large scale.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Eat Street Northshore

Eat Street Northshore has taken action to eliminate all general waste, with all vendors required to eliminate plastics and convert to compostable items. They recycle everything from cans and bottles, to cardboard, oyster shells, oil, food scraps and scrap metal.


Loop Growers farm collect organic materials from cafes, restaurant and bars and then supplies the produce grown from the material back to those establishments. They have started to collaborate with brewers to capture the grain material and plant crops that will end up in future beers.

Brisbane’s Clean Green Award

WINNER: OzHarvest

OzHarvest is a food rescue organisation with a driving purpose to Nourish Our Country. It began with a simple concept to rescue good food that would otherwise go to waste and deliver it to people in need. They collect surplus food from donors like supermarkets, hotels and airlines that would otherwise go to landfill. OzHarvest Brisbane rescues over 100,000 kilograms of good food each month and delivers directly to more than 120 local charities including school breakfast programs, domestic violence shelters, emergency food relief programs, youth groups and street vans.

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Brisbane Tool Library

The Brisbane Tool Library allows residents to borrow tools, camping gear, sport equipment and many other items from their 1,500+ inventory saved from landfill or donated by the community. Their goal is to create a circular economy reducing household consumption and waste.


  • SWOP Clothing Exchange

Clean Schools Award – Primary School

WINNER: Yeronga State School Green Team

Consisting of year 5 & 6 students, the Green Team meet weekly to brainstorm, plan and establish initiatives to help make their school more sustainable, such as Clean up your School Day, Nude Food Day, classroom recycling and composting, and reducing plastic at the tuckshop.


  • Morningside State School
  • Aspley East State School

The University of Queensland Clean Schools Award – Secondary School

WINNER: Hillbrook Anglican School

Hillbrook has a goal to reduce their waste towards zero landfill. Their activities include converting tuckshop packaging to compostable packaging, setting up bin hubs for different types of recycling, conducting regular bin audits and an ongoing education campaign.


  • Team Robbin (Kelvin Grove State College)
  • Wavell State High School EnviroClub

Outstanding Clean Green Award

WINNER: Ocean Crusaders Foundation Ltd

Ocean Crusaders run regular major clean ups across Brisbane, removing over 12 tonne of debris & engaging 600 volunteers in the past 18 months. They initiated a world-first Cleaning Station System along the Wynnum Manly Foreshore to facilitate community clean ups.


  • Spicers Retreat Hotel & Lodges

People’s Choice Litter Prevention Award

WINNER: Aspley East State School

Aspley East State School implemented a Behaviour Change program to fix their litter problem through steps such as Clean Up Days, assembly speeches, class discussions and brainstorming. They also created a ‘Cool Clean up Crew’ consisting of Year 6 students.

2018 Winners

Councillors’ Clean Green Choice Award

WINNER: Rachel Long

In 2018 Rachel helped to establish Boomerang Bags Nundah as an alternative to single-use plastic bags. She also established the inaugural Burbs to the Bay Kedron Book Bikeway litter clean-up event, which followed Kedron Brook across six council wards.


  • Carolyn Vincent
  • Morag Shealy

Litter Prevention Award – Individual 5-17yrs

WINNER: Lucinda Dillon

Lucinda is aged 9 ands she asks her favourite restaurants to reduce their use of plastic straws by delivering a handwritten note on a napkin, which thanks the owner for the lovely meal but asks them to rethink straw usage.


  • Milly and Reuben Hammond
  • Emma and Maggie Yamashita

Litter Prevention Award – Individual 18+ yrs

WINNER: Alana Barry

Alana established Plastic Free West End to reduce the reliance of single use plastics by hospitality, retail businesses and the general community. She did this through the creation of plastic reduction and local community education programs.


  • Sonya Kerslake
  • Craig Williams


In 2018 Sonya has established the Bayside Clean up Crew around Wynnum. The group began monthly cleanups in April with around 80 volunteers. They have the shared aim of educating the public about the impact of littering on the environment and on peoples health.

Litter Prevention Award – Group

WINNER: Green P Community Farm

Green P Community Farm is diverting between 150 and 200kg of food waste from landfill per week through its collections from four Sandgate cafes/restaurants. The good waste is then composted at the Green P Community Farm in Deagon Racecouse to grow vegetables.


  • Ocean Crusaders
  • The True Believers

Litter Prevention Award – Business

WINNER: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

The BCEC has waste reduction activities across all its major waste streams. It also donates everything from organic waste, surplus promotional event items, furniture, equipment and reading or sunglasses, to worthy causes for reuse or repurposing.


  • Hilton Brisbane
  • Spicers Retreats Hotel & Lodges

Cleanaway Waste Innovation Award

WINNER: World’s Biggest Garage Sale

The World’s Biggest Garage Sale exemplifies the circular economy. It asks companies and the community to donate wasted or unused items to their annual sale which raises funds for charity, Last year this resulted in 2,000 tonnes worth of products being diverted from landfill.


  • The Brisbane Tool Library
  • Wardrobe Warriors Markets

HIGHLY COMMENDED: The Brisbane Tool Library

Brisbane Tool Library launched in South Brisbane last year and brings to life the Sharing and Circular Economy. It lends second-hand power tools, camping and sports equipment items to its local subscribers, allowing people to access expensive or infrequently needed items.

Brisbane’s Clean Green Award

WINNER: The New Farm Neighbourhood Centre

The New Farm Neighbourhood Centre runs bi-monthly litter pickups; has joined the Brisbane City Council’s Reusable Cup Campaign and the Responsible Café movement; composts its own food and coffee waste, diverting 2 tonnes from landfill; and it runs composting workshops.


  • Marjorie Crosthwaite
  • Rotary Club of Aspley

Clean Schools Award – Primary School

WINNER: Ithaca Creek State School

Ithaca Creek State School’s activities include recycling paper and cardboard, composting fruit and vegetable scraps, running a Tuck Shop garden, and having a Year 6 environmental committee of 25 students to manage school initiatives.


  • Tarragindi Child Care and Development Centre (Koala Class)
  • Gumdale State School STEAM Club

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Gumdale State School STEAM Club

Gumdales’ STEAM Club has been inspired by ABC’s “War on Waste” and are working to make theirs a more sustainable school. This includes waste analysis, a worm farm, and installing recycling, organics and waste bins in eating areas.

CSR Bradford Clean Schools Award – Secondary School

WINNER: Wavell State High School Enviroclub

The Enviroclub students and teachers meet monthly. Their activities this year included Clean Up Australia Day; being part of Brisbane City Councils Student Environmental Leadership Network, and up-cycling 200 plastic bottles to make a play structure for the local kindergarten.


  • Hillbrook Anglican School
  • Queensland Academies Creative Industries Campus

Outstanding Clean Green Award

WINNER: Kingfisher Recycling Centre

The Kingfisher Recycling Centre has operated out of Aspley Special School since 1983. In recent years the Centre has also become a place for volunteers, waste minimisation enthusiasts and most recently, become one of Council’s Community Composting Hubs.


  • Corbie Park Bush Care Group

People’s Choice Litter Prevention Award

WINNER: Carolyn Vincent

In 2018 Carolyn started a new community movement called Mission Litter Pickup. Participants are asked to take a bag and a glove with them when they are out walking, pick up any litter they see, and then post a photo on social media using the hashtag #missionlitterpickup. ”

2017 Winners

Innovation in Litter Prevention Award

  • WINNER: Tangalooma EcoMarines for its Brisbane-wide education program on the protection of local waterways and marine life.
  • Finalist: Boomerang Bags The Gap and Surrounds
  • Finalist: Alfred Wreh

Councillors Choice Award

  • WINNERNorthey Street City Farm for its zero waste principles and many initiatives to educate the local community.
  • Finalist: Rotary Club of Sumner Park
  • Finalist: World Mission Society Church of God

Litter Prevention Award – Individual

  • WINNER: Amy Whiteman, Travis Muddle, Alex Floridis and Lisa Tittle for their hard work keeping the skate park at DJ Sherrington Park clean and tidy.
  • Finalist: Asher Bowen-Saunders
  • Finalist: Lea and Emma Interholzinger

Litter Prevention Award – Group

  • WINNERTangalooma EcoMarines for its Brisbane-wide education program on the protection of local waterways and marine life.
  • Finalist: World Mission Society Church of God
  • Finalist: Reverse Garbage Mary Trabucco

Litter Prevention Award – Business

  • WINNER: Queensland Urban Utilities for its “Don’t Flush That” education campaign about wet wipes and sewerage system blockages.
  • Finalist: Water3
  • Finalist: Sweetcrumbs Patisserie

Resource Recovery Award – Group

  • WINNER Reverse Garbage for selling industrial discards to the public and running educational talks and art workshops focused on waste and the environment.
  • Finalist: Boomerang Bags

Resource Recovery Award – Business

  • WINNER: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre for its organic waste composting and Foodbank and Ozcare shelter commitments.
  • Finalist: Mallow Sustainability
  • Finalist: Queensland Urban Utilities

Location Clean Up Award

  • WINNER: Jamboree Residents Association for collecting and sorting an estimated 50 bags of litter and recording 1,400 hours of volunteer labour.
  • Finalist: Rotary Club of Sumner Park
  • Finalist: Grey Tasney – The Rocky Waterholes Salisbury Bushcare Group

Clean Schools Award – Small schools

  • WINNERLota State School for the efforts of its Environmental Club and for participating in the Tangalooma EcoMarines program.
  • Finalist: St Elizabeth’s Gardening and Recycling Club
  • Finalist: Hilder Road State School

Clean Schools Award – Large schools

  • WINNER: Indooroopilly State School for initiatives including weekly litter busters activity and an art auction of artwork made with repurposed materials.
  • Finalist: Hillbrook Anglican School
  • Finalist: Queensland Academies Science, Mathematics and Technology Campus Toowong

Catchment Champions Award

  • WINNERMichael Fox from Mt Gravatt Environment Group for his many activities including weekly litter prevention and working bees around Mt Gravatt Conservation Reserve, and running workshops supporting Bushcare Groups.
  • Finalist: John & Helene Maelich – Inala Bushcare Group
  • Finalist Corbie Street Bushcare Group

Litter Prevention Champion Award (public vote)

  • WINNER: World Mission Society Church of God for its monthly Brisbane-wide clean-ups.